COMMUNICATIONS IN FRANCE, internet, mail, phone from Paris and France

Where to find a cybercafe (internet cafe) in Paris and France, how to have a call from france

Mail boxes :

French post is called La poste. Mail boxes are in the streets, colored in yellow

Stamps :

Stamps can be bought at Post Office and tobacconist’s.

Phone in France : french phone, mobile phone, cellular phone in France

French numbers :

All phone numbers in France are composed of 10 digits beginning by a 0.

* To call somewhere in France from France, dial the 10 digit number.
* To call from France to a foreign country: dial 00 + the country code + the number.

To call France from antoher country, dial the access international code (usually 00 or 011 for the USA) + 33 (country code), then the 9 digit number without the 0
French phone :

The payphones :

There are many phone boxes in France. They usually work with telephone cards available at Post Offices, tobacconist’s, souvenir shops…

Mobile or cellular phone

France is well covered by the mobile phone operators. With the help of your own operator you may use easily your cellular phone in France. US citizens may experience problems withe their cell phones in France.

Check your cellular phone operator before leaving
Internet in France : the Web and email, find a cybercafé or Internet café in France

High speed Internet can be found at many places in France and there are many Internet cafes in the cities