MONEY IN FRANCE: euro, currency, money and costs

Find an ATM in Paris and France, money in France (currency is Euro)

Currency :

The currency used in France is EURO (€).

Tipping :

Almost all hotels and restaurants include tax and service charge in their prices. Tip is not usual in France.
Exchange :

Currency exchange can be made in most banks, post offices and exchange offices. You will recognise them by the « Change » sign).
Credit cards :

You can use debit card almost in every shop, especially Visa and Mastercard.
ATM, Cash machines.

There are plenty of ATMs in cities and in small towns too. Check with your bank that your credit card will work in France before leaving.
Traveller’s cheques :

Traveler’s checks can be exchanged in banks or exchange offices.
Costs :

traveling in France is quite expensive : for example, a dinner may cost 30-40 € per person or a hotel room 50-200 € for two people…

Transportation (car rental, fuel, plane…) are expensive too, except train which is quite inexpensive.

Touristic places (Paris, Riviera, Loire Valley…) are more expensive than others.