FRANCE TRAVEL WITH PETS : France tourism with pets and animals

Travel in France with your cat or dog, France holidays with animals pets, Paris with pets

Pets are welcome in France, but there are rules for visiting France with an animal :

Age : Pets must be at least 3 months old

Tag : Pets must be tagged

Rabies : Check your veterinary doctor befor leaving because the rules against rabies may chage from a day to another. Ususally, pets must be vaccinated against rabies more than one month and less than a year ago before entering to France, or the pet must have been re-vaccinated within the year (bring your vaccination card issued by a veterinary doctor) or you must have a certificate issued by a veterinary doctor, stating that the pet is in good health, the pet comes from a country with no rabies since at least three years and the pet has remained in thic country for the past six months or since its birth.

Pets must have a collar with your name and address.

Are there animals forbidden or prohibited in France ?

Yes there are animals forbidden in France, such as :

Less than 3 months animals

Dangerous fighting dogs : pit bulls, Boer bulls…

Check with your veterinary doctor if your animal is allowed in France