GAY PARIS AND FRANCE : France travel for gay and lesbian…

Gay and lesbians France travel and vacations, holidays, hotels, Gay Paris

The gays and lesbians will find lots of places dedicated to the gay and lesian community in France, in Paris of course, but also in all the country. Many accomodation (hotel, guesthouse…), restaurants and activities are gay and lesbian friendly.

France is a country of liberty and French people are very tolerant and free of mind with the gay and lesbian community

Gay Paris

Paris offers many places dedicated to the gay community : hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, bars, saunas…, mainly concentrated in the 4rth district, called Le Marais, but you will find many gay and lesbian establishments all around Paris.

Gay and lesbian France travel

The gay and lesbian community thrives through all the country, especially in the South of France.

All the big cities of France display many places for gays and lesbians and the french population is usually as tolerant as Parisians do for gay and lesbians.