PLACES TO SEE IN NORTH OF FRANCE : best places in northern France

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What to see in North of France

What are the best places to see in North of France, excepted Paris?

France’s northern region could be divided in many main places, such as : Picardy , Normandy and Champagne


Normandy, in the north of France, is the land of the D Day landings, the home of the world famous Bayeux tapestry and Mont Saint Michel, and is also the producing region of cheese such as Camembert and of the well-known apple brandy Calvados…


Rouen is the capital of Normandy. Rouen is an historica city were Joan d’Arc was burned near the Cathedrale Notre Dame. It is a good place for visiting many places nearby Rouen : Giverny were the painter Monet painted its Monet’s gardens and lived, Dieppe and Etretat and their limestone cliffs, Bayeux and its tapestry from 1077

Mont Saint Michel or Mount Saint Michael

Mount Saint Michel, in Normandy, is a jewel: it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Mount saint Michel is the most visited site of France, a monastery on an island joined to the mainland by a small road.


Honfleur, in Normandy, is a beautiful old port with a beautiful old town.

Omaha beach and D Day

Normandy was selected by the allies as the landing point on June the 6 of 1944, the D day.


Picardy is known especially for Amiens cathedral

Amiens cathedral

Amiens’ cathedral Notre-Dame is the biggest gothic cathedral building in France.


Champagne is a region but also the country of the world famous bubbly wine champagne (Epernay…)… but also of the Reims cathedral.