HOW TO GO TO CAP FERRET : how to get to Cape Ferret peninsula

How to go to Cap Ferret

Arcachon bay sea
Cap Ferret view of the Arcachon bay sea

Cap Ferret is a wonderful sandy peninsula facing Arcachon city, it forms the west part of the Arcachon bay ou Bassin d’Arcachon, situated at the West of Bordeaux city in the South West of France

You can reach this beautiful trendy sandy peninsula by many ways :

By plane

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport is located at approximatively 50kms from the Peninsula.

From Paris

There are many interior flights from Paris « Charles De Gaulle » or « Orly » Airports to Bordeaux airport. Just check Google Flights for that

From UK, Europe and other places in the world

There are many flights from UK and Europe to Bordeaux Airport : see the destinations of Bordeaux airport and check if a city in your neighborood gives you the opportunity to have a flight to Bordeaux

Once in Bordeaux airport

We suggest you to rent a car in the Bordeaux airport when you arrive and follow our indications in the « by car » section

By train

Since 2017, the speed train TGV takes only two hours to go from Paris to Bordeaux. Once in Bordeaux station you can either :

  • Take another train to Arcachon and then make a 10 minutes walk from Arcachon station to jetty Thiers to reach Cap Ferret by boat with the Arcachon Boat Union (UBA in french) : you just have to buy your tickets at the beginning of the jetty, it costs approxymatively 10€/pax. More informations here
  • rent a car and follow our instructions « by car« 
  • take the bus, line 601. The journey time is approximately One and a half to two hours. The cost is approxymatively 3€/pax. You can download the timetable on the website, clicking on « Horaires » and chose 601

By car

If you have datas availaible on your phone and want to be guided by Google maps,

  1. check the exact place of our marker,
  2. click on the Google icon in the down-left position of the map. You will be redirected to your GMaps app,
  3. make a long click on the place you noticed in our map and chose to be guided

From Paris

The journey is long, about 6-7 hours, heading south to West Bordeaux rocade and taking the Cap Ferret way out on the Bordeaux Rocade

From Bordeaux

The journey will take approximatively one hour and a half, going straight to the West.

Avoid traffic jam in cap Ferret

The Cap Ferret is for Bordeaux like Cape Cod for Boston : the « Bordelais » people enjoy to spend the week end and holidays there, especially from spring to autumn.

You should avoid going to Cap Ferret

  • On Friday nights / saturday and sunday from 10AM to 1 PM especially if the weather forecast is sunny, from april to october
  • Everyday between 10AM to 1PM, in July and August, during summer holidays

Avoid leaving Cap Ferret

  • Sundays after 4 PM especially if the Week End was sunny, from april to october
  • Everyday after 4 PM, in July and August, during summer holidays

Once you arrived…

Visit the best places to see in Cap Ferret

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