CRUISING AND BARGING IN FRANCE, sea cruise in France, barge on french rivers, canals and waterways..

Barging and cruising in France, sea cruise in France, french rivers, cruise holidays

France’s extensive coasts (over 1700 miles) and waterways (over 5000 miles of canals and rivers), make of this country a very pleasant place for boating, both in the sea and rivers.

Barging on rivers and canals :

The French canal and river system is huge and barges are often lovelly restored, offering an excellent and off the beaten track way to visit France and an unforgettable, relaxing and quiet experience. It is possible to choose between hotel-barge, riverboat or self-drive cruiser

Some popular waterways are:

* Canal du Midi in the south west
* Canal de Bourgogne, across Burgundy

Sea cruise in France :

Most of the sea cruises in France are located on the Mediterranean sea (Côte d’azur (riviera), Corsica…)

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