THE FRENCH SOCIETY : people of France

Discover the french people : french Society

French people are very different from english-speaking people and of the rest of the world!

The way they are considered by foreigners :

French people ar considered as rude and arrogant with foreigners and socialist people who do not work and are dependent from the french state.
The way french people are :

In facts, french people put their quality of life before their work.

Their way of seeing things may come in a way from their History (French revolution and « droits de l’homme », French State…)

French State is involved in many things in France and it is ruling much more than the Administration in France (trains, cruises, postal, telephone, electricity, gaz….). Civil servants represent 10% of th french working population…

French people think that having a work, a home, a school education… is a right.

They are very proud of themselves, their culture and country. They are cinical, analytics, always think there are plots everywhere and they usually don’t believe what they are told.