COGNAC BRANDY, FRANCE : travel information on Cognac

Cognac city travel guide

Cognac brandy, the « drink of the gods » as french writer Victor Hugo called it, is made in the vineyards and warehouses of the valley of Charente in Charente Poitou ( South west of France ).

Most of the great houses and distilleries of Cognac brandy (Remy Martin, Camus, Martell, Hennessy…) are situated in Cognac city and they offer a visit for the public, and even sometimes a free glass of Cognac !

Cognac brandy is an eau de vie distilled from grapes grown in a defined area situated around Cognac city, from the Atlantic coast to Angouleme city. The finest Cognac brandy come from the areas called Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne (these are of course different from the famous bubble drink area).