THE WEATHER OF ANTIBES FRANCE : the usual weather inAntibes France

Antibes, France weather forecast for your vacation and holidays

Antibes is situated in Southern France. The climate of southern France is usually cool in winter and hot in summer, especially along the Mediterranean sea

ANTIBES, FRANCE: Antibe and Cap d’Antibes

Antibes, France travel guide

Antibes city is situated approximatively 900 kms from Paris. (see how to get to Antibes from Paris) in the Cote d’Azur – RivieraAntibes is renowned for the Cap d’Antibes (its promontary), its architecture, its harbour, mediterranean and sea food (Restaurant in Antibes). See places to see in Antibes and around Antibes

The weather of Antibes is usually sunny, even in winter and hot in summer

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BOUCHES DU RHONE, FRANCE : travel information on Bouch de Ron, France

Bouches du Rhone, France travel guide : Bouches du Rhone trip, tourism and holidays

Bouches du Rhone is situated in the Provence Alps Cote d’Azur region, in the South of France. Bouches du Rhone is renowned for Marseilles, Aix en Provence, Arles…