THE WEATHER OF BIARRITZ FRANCE : the usual weather in Biaritz France

Biarritz, France weather forecast for your vacation and holidays

Biarritz is situated in South west France. The climate of southern France is usually cool in winter and hot in summer.

BIARRITZ, FRANCE: Biarritz city

Biarritz city is situated in Basque country, France

Biarritz city is situated approximatively 750 kms from Paris. (see how to get to Biarritz from Paris)

Biaritz is situated near the Spanish border. Biarritz became an elegant seaside resort in the 19th century. Biarritz offers fine eighteen century architecture, luscious food (Restaurant in Biarritz) and fine views of the Atlantic Ocean. See places to see in Biarritz and around Biarritz

The weather of Biarritz is usually sweet : rainy in winter and hot in summer

AROUND BIARRITZ, FRANCE: places to see around Biarritz (Miarritz) city

What to see around Biarritz city

Biarritz city is situated in the Basque country, in Aquitaine , a region of the South west of France.

Basque country is renowned for its « douceur de vivre », timbered houses, Pyrenées mountains, Saint-Jean de Luz, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Bayonne, Anglet and the proximity of Spanish border…

BORDEAUX, FRANCE : pictures of Bordeaux city in France

Bordeaux pictures, images, views and photography


Dune de Pyla (Pilat) is situated in Gironde, France

The Pilat dune is the highest sand dune of Europe :

The Pilat dune is situated a few kms the south of Arcachon city, on the Arcachon bassin, facing the Cap Ferret

Dune du Pyla is over 100 meters high, it can be climbed by walk or stairs and offers a wonderful view over the Arcachon bay

Other places of interest in the Arcachon bay :


Arcachon city

Cap Ferret, facing Arcachon in the Arcachon Basin

ARCACHON BASIN, FRANCE: How to get to Arcachon Bassin

The best way to Arcachon

Arcachon city is a city situated approximatively 70 kms from Bordeaux. It is easy to reach by

road (how to get by car from Bordeaux to Arcachon)
or train (see SNCF, the national train company).

CAP FERRET, FRANCE : the Ferret cape, a place to be

Cap Ferret is situated in Gironde, France

Cape Ferret

Arcachon bay sea
Cap Ferret view of the Arcachon bay sea

Cap Ferret is a wonderful sandy peninsula facing Arcachon city, it forms the west part of the Arcachon bay ou Bassin d’Arcachon

cap ferret sunset
Sunset in cap ferret

Cap Ferret is a cape with sandy beaches offering both the Mediterranean sea-like waters of the Arcachon bay and the waves of the Atlantic ocean. See the Cap Ferret map

cap ferret peninsula
The head of the cap ferret peninsula

Most of all, Cap Ferret offers many typical landscapes such as oysters-farming villages, pine forests…

Cap ferret oyster village
A typical oyster farms’s village

Cap Ferret is like an undiscovered jewel on the Aquitaine coast. Don’t miss it!


Until the 19th century Cap Ferret was uninhabited bar for a few fishermen who came here for winter from villages from the other side of the bay, becaus it was less windy. Then, oyster farming took off thnaks to Napoleon III and many oyster farmers set up on the peninsula, founding picturesque villages suche as Le Canon or L’Herbe.

However, the Cap Ferret remained largely undeveloped until 1905 when the last two kilometres of the peninsula, the ’44 hectares’, were sold by the French State for building plots.

The place long remained underdeveloped and devoted to oysters farming. Slowly, many people from Bordeaux took place for holidays on the peninsula, on which many houses were built in the 50’s and 60’s. Therefore the Cap Ferret kept most of its charming fishermen wood villages and unspoiled sandy beaches. France is a country with more affinity for protectionism than speculation, and the oyster farms were prtoected, as well as the Ocean side : urban law and regulations preserve the landscape from massive constructions.

Nowadays, the place is very trendy becaus ir represents an authentic place, were French stars in search of quietness are melting with the earlier inhabitants (oyster farmers or fichermen).

How to get there

You can reach the Cap Ferret by plane, train, car, and even boat!

>>> Know more about how to go to Cap Ferret

Places to see

If you plan to stay a few days in the peninsula, go to the best places to see in Cape Ferret : the end of the peninsula, the Mimbeau, the L’Herbe village, surf sandy beaches, Horses Point (la Pointe aux chevaux), Claouey oyster’s farm village…

View more about the best places to see in Cap Ferret

Other places of interest in the Arcachon bay :

You can take a boat and go to wonderful places in the bay :

Arcachon city

Arcachon is a twenty minutes boat trip from Cap Ferret. You go there by ferry or the typical Arcachon bay boat, the pinasse!

Typical pinasse boat in oysters parks
Pinace boat
Pinasse in Cap ferret

Pilat (or Pyla) dune

Pyla dune is the biggest dune of Europe! you can go there by boat from Cap Ferret

pyla dune
The Pyla dune
pyal dune view
The pine forest from the Pyla dune

Banc d’Arguin

It is a beautiful sand bank inside the ocean and a preserved marine fauna and flora natural reserve

Cap ferret from the sky
At left, Cap Ferret, in the middle, Arguin, and on the right the Pyla dune

Bird’s island : « l’ile aux oiseaux »

It is an island situated in the middle of the Arcachon bay sea, very raw and with only two shacks


Arcachon bay shacks
The typical shacks of Arcachon bay

What to do

Enjoy the variety of beaches

If you come to Cap Ferret betwen april and october, the weather will probably be mild, allowing sea bath.

On its West side, the peninsula offers you kilometers of unspoiled Ocean beaches, with absolutely non buildings! The main ones being from North to South the Grand Crohot, the Truc Vert and l’Horizon all of which are supervised by lifeguards during the high season betwen mid june to the first days of september. Be careful at all times though, as not only are the waves powerful, but the current is strong too.

On the east side of the peninsula, you will enjoy quiet water beaches but you have to wait for high tide betwen Claouey and Petit Piquey. From Grand Piquey, you can have a bath at low tide.


Go Fishing

You can catch your own seafood (check before if it is authorised and wait for low tide to catch clams, cockles and winkles) or go fishing both in the Arachon bay sea or the Ocean.

Go for a walk

The Cap Ferret is great for walking : you will find coastal walks, Pine forest walk, and don’t miss the Resevoirs de Piraillan, near the oyster farming village of Piraillan. Once reservoirs for fish, it is now home to many thousands of birds.


All the peninsula offers forest bike lanes! Download the Bassin d’Arcachon map of bike lanes

Go to the Market

During summer, you will find markets with delicious food in 3 villages : from South to North, Cap Ferret, Piraillan and Claouey