FRANCE TRAVEL FOR DISABLED : tourism in france for disabled visitors…

Travel France (Europe) with disability : France vacation and holidays for disabled persons, Paris for disabled

Efforts are made in France to welcome disabled persons. Disabled visitors will find facilities in new and renovated public transportation, accomodation, restrooms, restaurants…

You will find informations in this website dedicated to traveling with disabilities in France : Association des Paralysés de France :

BUDGET FRANCE : budget France travel and tourism, backpacker, youth hostel…

Travel France (Europe) : France budget travel and vacation, backpacking in France holidays, hotels, Paris, Mont saint Michel, Nice, Provence, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Wine, Burgundy, map of France, France rental, France cruise, France bed and breakfast

The climate of France is generally cool in winter and mild in summer, but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean.

In July and August occur summer holidays and these months are the worst in type of crowds.

The best period for visiting France is spring (may june) or the beginning of autumn (september, october) especially in the South of France.
So if you plan to visit France with a backpack, do it preferently at this time

FRANCE TOURISM : what to do in France, events, museums, festival, tours

France tourism and vacation, tourism and holidays in Paris, Mont saint Michel, Nice, Provence, Bordeaux

Entertainment in France

Shopping in France

Outdoor activities

Health in France
Events, shows and trade fairs, festivals, music, concert, casino, cinema, leisure parks… Shoes, clothes, wine, food, beauty and perfume, crafts… Cycling, walking, golfing, skiing, horse riding, climbing, caving, surfing… in France health information for the traveller

FRANCE SHOPPING : fashion, clothing, food, wine, perfume…

Where to buy fashion, perfume, clothes, wine… during your France vacations and holidays


Beauty / Perfume

Food and wine

Fashion clothing, shoes and accessories… Where to buy perfume and beauty products in France? France is a great food and wine country. Wher to buy good french food and wine ? Where to find porcelain, crystal… in France ?

TRAVEL SEA AND BEACHES : France sea and beach activities, sailing, surfing, boat…

France sea and beach vacation, sailing and surfing during french holidays

France’s extensive coasts (over 1700 miles) have been well developed for recreational activities. All types of watersports are available in France.

Many beaches are very beautiful on all coastline.

Weather is very sunny in summer from the west coast to the Mediterranean sea.

Surfing :

Surfers will find spots in all the west coast of France. But the best places are in the South West, for example :

* Cap Ferret
* Biscarosse
* Hossegor
* Biarritz…

Sailing :

Sailors will have the opportunity of sailing on all french coastline.
Windsurfing and Kite surfing :

Windsurfers and kite surfers will find spots in on all french coastline and lakes.

FRANCE SPORTS : outdoor activities and sports (sea, beach, mountain skiing, cycling…) in France

Practice outdoor activities during France vacation, sea, beach, mountain…

Sea and beach activities

Mountain / Alps


Surf, boat, cruises, sailing, barging, windsurfing… Ski, mountain sports, climbing… Caving in France Where to play golf in France ?



France by foot

Horse riding in France, where to ride a horse in france ? Fly in France : balooning, paragliding, hangliding… France on foot : walking and hiking in France I want to ride my bicycle in France ! Biking, bike riding and ride a cycle in France



Canoeing / rafting

Cruise, barging
France is a country for hunters Sea or river fishing in France Some France rivers can be visited with canoe kayack or by rafting Some France rivers can be visited by barging

FIND A PARK IN FRANCE : leisure park, amusement, thema parks, animal park…

Leisure parks in France, amusement, thema parks, animal parks for your vacations and holidays in France

When traveling with children in France, you may find many leisure parks, animal parks and aquarium all over the country.
Leisure, amusement, aquatic and thema parks
Some well-known parks :

* Aquatic parks :
o Aquaboulevard of Paris

* Thema parks :
o Futuroscope in Poitiers : a park about future
o Vulcania in Clermont-Ferrand, dedicated to volcanoes
o City of space in Toulouse
o Parc du Puy du Fou, historical park

* Leisure parks :
o Parc Asterix
o Dysneyland Paris
Animal parks and aquariums :

* Nausicaa : National Sea an Ocean park
* Zoo of La Palmyre
* Aquarium of La Rochelle…

LEARN FRENCH : French lessons before you go to France

French vocabulary before traveling in France, France vacation and holidays

French people are known for being bad foreign language learners at school. So they may not speak good english and your journey may be more enjoyable if you try to speak a little french. Here is some vocabulary, displayed by sections :
General French vocabulary

Yes Oui
No Non
Thank You Merci
You’re welcome Je vous en prie (OR) De rien
Okay D’accord
Please S’il vous plait
Hello Bonjour
Hi Salut
Good morning Bonjour
Good afternoon Bonjour
Good evening Bonsoir
Good night Bonne nuit
Good bye Au revoir
See you (later) A bientot
Nice to meet you Enchanté
How are you doing Comment allez-vous
Excuse me Excusez moi
Sorry Pardon
Do you speak english? Parlez vous francais?
Could you speak more slowly Pourriez-vous parler plus lentement?
Could you repeat please Pourriez-vous répéter s’il vous plait
I don’t understand Je ne comprends pas
Do you understand Me comprenez-vous?
May i have Pourrais-je avoir
I would like Je voudrais

I’m looking for Je cherche
Can you help me Pouvez-vous m’aider?
Where is Ou est
Can you show me on the map Pouvez-vous me montrer sur la carte
On the left / On the right A gauche / a droite
Straight on Tout droit
Here Ici
There Là

Shopping, Money, bank
Cheap Bon marché
Expensive Cher
How much is it? Combien est-ce?
About 1 Euro C’est un Euro
Complimentary Gratuit
How would you like to pay? Comment voulez-vous payer?
Shopping center / mall Centre commercial
Supermarket Supermarché
Bank Banque
Exchange Change
Bank Notes Billets
Do you accept traveller’s cheques? Acceptez vous les traveller’s cheques ?
Coins Pièces
By credit card Par carte bancaire
Post, telephone
Post office La Poste
Mailbox Boite aux lettres
Stamp Timbre
Postcard Carte postale
Visitor center Office de tourisme
Payphone Cabine téléphonique
Area code Indicatif téléphonique
Cell phone Téléphone portable
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq Six Sept Huit Neuf Dix
Eleven twelve Thirteen Forteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Nineteen Twenty Onze, Douze, Treize, Quatorze, Quinze, Seize, Dix-sept, Dix-huit, Dix-neuf, Vingt
One hundred Cent
One thousand Mille
Time, hours, days…

Yesterday Hier
Today Aujourd’hui
Tomorrow Demain
Next week La semaine prochaine
Later Plus tard
Now Maintenant
What time is it Quelle heur est-il?
Year Année
Month Mois
Day Jour
Monday Lundi
Tuesday Mardi
Wednesday Mercredi
Thursday Jeudi
Friday Vendredi
Saturday Samedi
Sunday Dimanche
January Janvier
February Fevrier
March Mars
April Avril
May Mai
June Juin
July Juillet
August Aout
September Septembre
October Octobre
November Novembre
December Decembre

It’s nice out Il fait beau
It’s not very nice out Il ne fait fait pas très beau
The weather is bad Il fait mauvais
It’raining Il pleut
It’s cold Il fait froid
It’s hot Il fait chaud
It’s snowing Il neige

Car, driving, road, transportation…

To break down Tmober en panne
Car Voiture
Car registration papers Carte grise
Driver’s licence Permis de conduire
Please fill the tank Faites le plein s’il vous plait
Green light Feu vert
flat tyre Pneu crevé
accident Accident
Out of petrol Panne sèche
inflate the tyres Glonflez les pneus
Oil Huile
Petrol Essence
Road map Carte routière
Roundabout Rond point
Can you show me on the map Pouvez-vous me montrer sur la carte
On the left / On the right A gauche / a droite
Straight on Tout droit
No stopping Arret interdit
Caution Attention
Slow Lentement OR au pas
Through traffic Autres directions
Junction Bifurcation
Crossroad Carrefour
Town center Centre ville
Give way Cédez-le-passage
Road construction OR Road work Chantier OR Travaux
Falling rocks Chute de pierres
Scenic route Route touristique
No thoroughfare Circulation interdite
Repair Dépannage
Steep hill Descente dangereuse
Diversion Deviation
No entrance Entrée interdite
End of restriction Fin d’interdiction
Speed restriction Limitation de vitesse
Car rental Location de voiture
Stop Stop OR halte
Low clearance Hauteur limitée
Dead End Road Impasse OR Cul-de-sac
No passing Interdiction de doubler
No parking Interdiction de stationner
Alternative route Itinéraire bis
Potholes Nids de poules
Level crossing Passage à niveau
Toll Péage
Customs Douanes
Pedestrians Piétons
Give way Priorité
Wrong direction Sens interdit
Keep right Serrez à droite

Health, doctor, pharmacy
Doctor, Physician Docteur
Pharmacist Pharmacien
Hospital Hopital
Emergency Urgence
By mouth Par voie orale
Capsules Gelules
Directions of use Mode d’emploi
Dosage Posologie
Drops Gouttes
Side effects Effets secondaires
Syrup Sirop
powder Poudre
Small glass containers Ampoules
Small packs of soluble powder Sachets
Tablespoon Cuillère à café
Warnings Contre-indications
Motion sickness Mal des transports
Cold Rhume
Cough Toux
Diarrhea Diarrhee
Headache Headache

Hotel, accomodation

I have a reservation J’ai réservé
May I see your passport Puis-je voir votre passeprt
Could you fill this form Pourriez-vous remplir ce formulaire?
Last name Nom
First name Prenom
Do you have facilities Avez-vous des aménagements
Do you have any rooms available Avez-vous des chambres libres?
Double room Chambre à un lit double
Twin Chambre à deux lits
King or queen bed Grand lit
How much is it per night Combien est-ce pour une nuit?
Breakfast included Petit déjeuner inclus
Bath Salle de bains
Tub Baignoire
Shower Douche
Restrooms Toilettes
Air conditionning Air conditionné
Fan Ventilateur
Heating Chauffage
It doesn’t work Ca ne marche pas
There is no hot water Il n’y a pas d’eau chaude
Laundry Blanchisserie
Swimming pool Piscine
Parking lot Place de parking
Extra bed Lit supplémentaire
Blanket Couverture
Towel Serviette
Crib Lit-bébé
Could you wake me up at Pourriez vous me reveiller à
What time is breakfast A quelle heure est le petit dejeuner
What time is the check out A quelle heure dois-je libérer la chambre?
May I have the bill please Puis-je avoir la note s’il vous plait
Receipt Recu
Restaurant, eating, drinking

Fish and seafood :

Coquilles Saint-Jacques Scallops
Crevettes Shrimps
Homard Lobster
Huitres Oyster
Moules Skate
Thon Tuna
Truite Trout


Canard Duck
Dinde Turkey
Poulet Chicken
Oie Goose


Agneau Lamb
Boeuf Beef
Porc or cochon Pork
Veau Veal

Cuisson :
Bleu Very rare
Saignant Rare
A point Medium
Bien cuit Well-done


Biere Beer
Vin (rouge – blanc) Wine (red – white)
Carafe d’eau Tap water (for free)
Eau minérale Mineral Water
Eau minérale gazeuse Mineral Water (sparkling)

FRANCE TOURISM : french national holidays

French national holidays, Paris and France holidays

You are on holidays in France? But when is France on holidays?

Public holidays

* January :
o 1st of Jan. : New year’s day
* May :
o 1st of may : Labour day
o 8th of May : WWII victory day
* July :
o 14th of July : National day
* August :
o 15th of Aug : Assomption, Mary’s day
* November :
o 1st of Nov : All saints day
o 11th of Nov : Armistice (WWI)
* December :
o 25th of Dec. : Christmas day

School holidays

* February : Winter break
* April : Spring break
* July-August : Summer holidays
* November : Autumn break
* End of Dec. – Begining of Jan. : Christmas Holidays

GOLFING IN FRANCE, where to play golf in France

Where to play golf in France : France golf vacation, golfing holidays

France is a great country for golfers. Golf courses are usually beautiful, quite inexpensive and not crowded.

The most popular destinations for golfing in France are the Loire Valley, Burgundy and the French Alps.