COMMUNICATIONS IN FRANCE, internet, mail, phone from Paris and France

Where to find a cybercafe (internet cafe) in Paris and France, how to have a call from france

Mail boxes :

French post is called La poste. Mail boxes are in the streets, colored in yellow

Stamps :

Stamps can be bought at Post Office and tobacconist’s.

Phone in France : french phone, mobile phone, cellular phone in France

French numbers :

All phone numbers in France are composed of 10 digits beginning by a 0.

* To call somewhere in France from France, dial the 10 digit number.
* To call from France to a foreign country: dial 00 + the country code + the number.

To call France from antoher country, dial the access international code (usually 00 or 011 for the USA) + 33 (country code), then the 9 digit number without the 0
French phone :

The payphones :

There are many phone boxes in France. They usually work with telephone cards available at Post Offices, tobacconist’s, souvenir shops…

Mobile or cellular phone

France is well covered by the mobile phone operators. With the help of your own operator you may use easily your cellular phone in France. US citizens may experience problems withe their cell phones in France.

Check your cellular phone operator before leaving
Internet in France : the Web and email, find a cybercafé or Internet café in France

High speed Internet can be found at many places in France and there are many Internet cafes in the cities

BUDGET FRANCE : budget France travel and tourism, backpacker, youth hostel…

Travel France (Europe) : France budget travel and vacation, backpacking in France holidays, hotels, Paris, Mont saint Michel, Nice, Provence, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Wine, Burgundy, map of France, France rental, France cruise, France bed and breakfast

The climate of France is generally cool in winter and mild in summer, but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean.

In July and August occur summer holidays and these months are the worst in type of crowds.

The best period for visiting France is spring (may june) or the beginning of autumn (september, october) especially in the South of France.
So if you plan to visit France with a backpack, do it preferently at this time

FIND A PARK IN FRANCE : leisure park, amusement, thema parks, animal park…

Leisure parks in France, amusement, thema parks, animal parks for your vacations and holidays in France

When traveling with children in France, you may find many leisure parks, animal parks and aquarium all over the country.
Leisure, amusement, aquatic and thema parks
Some well-known parks :

* Aquatic parks :
o Aquaboulevard of Paris

* Thema parks :
o Futuroscope in Poitiers : a park about future
o Vulcania in Clermont-Ferrand, dedicated to volcanoes
o City of space in Toulouse
o Parc du Puy du Fou, historical park

* Leisure parks :
o Parc Asterix
o Dysneyland Paris
Animal parks and aquariums :

* Nausicaa : National Sea an Ocean park
* Zoo of La Palmyre
* Aquarium of La Rochelle…

CRUISING AND BARGING IN FRANCE, sea cruise in France, barge on french rivers, canals and waterways..

Barging and cruising in France, sea cruise in France, french rivers, cruise holidays

France’s extensive coasts (over 1700 miles) and waterways (over 5000 miles of canals and rivers), make of this country a very pleasant place for boating, both in the sea and rivers.

Barging on rivers and canals :

The French canal and river system is huge and barges are often lovelly restored, offering an excellent and off the beaten track way to visit France and an unforgettable, relaxing and quiet experience. It is possible to choose between hotel-barge, riverboat or self-drive cruiser

Some popular waterways are:

* Canal du Midi in the south west
* Canal de Bourgogne, across Burgundy

Sea cruise in France :

Most of the sea cruises in France are located on the Mediterranean sea (Côte d’azur (riviera), Corsica…)

Other websites about cruising and barging in France :

CAMPING AND CARAVANING IN FRANCE : Find a camping, caravaning in France…

Travel France (Europe) : France vacation, holidays, camping, caravaning

Camp grounds are easy to find in France

Camping is very common in France, so you could find camp sites in almost every village and in the countryside, beaches, mountains…

Most campsite have places not just for tents but also for camper vans and caravans also. I is sometimes possible to rent a caravan or chalet bungalows in some big camp sites.

Amenities in french camp sites

The quality could widely vary but usually, this kind of accomodation is standardised. Camp grounds in France are usually rated considering their level of comfort and amenities in 4 categories from 1 to 4 stars.

If almost all campsites have shower/toilet blocks, many of them (usually 3 and 4 stars) have sophisticated facilities such as swimming pool, laundry with washing machines, shop, bicycle hire and sports facilities. Some feature also retaurants, Internet cafes or doctors on-site !
Camping in France, how much does it cost ?

Usually, the price for one day range from 15€ to 40€.

The french holiday season (July and August) is usually the most expensive.

Camping and caravaning out of campgrounds?

Officially, camping on public land is forbidden, while it is widely practised by the french people…