JURA, FRANCE : travel information on Jura in France

Jura travel guide : jura trip, tourism and holidays

Jura « département », in Franche Comte Region is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and pine forests.

The main places to see in Jura are Dole and Lons le Saunier.

HAUTE SAONE, FRANCE : travel information on Haute Saone in France

Haute Saône travel guide : haute-saone trip, tourism and holidays

Haute Saone « département », is situated in the Franche Comte Region.

Cities to visit in Haute Saône are mainly Vesoul and Lure

DOUBS, FRANCE : travel information on Doubs in France

Doubs travel guide : doubs trip, tourism and holidays

Doubs « département » is situated in Franche Comte Region

The capital of Doubs is Besançon city, which was the birthplace of the french writer Victor Hugo

In Doubs, you may also visit Pontarlier.

BELFORT TERRITORY, FRANCE : travel information on Territoire de Belfort in France

Belfort Territory travel guide : Territoire de Belfort trip, tourism and holidays

Belfort « département », in Franche Comte Region is the smallest « departement » of France

The capital of Belfort Territory is Belfort city

FRANCHE COMTE, FRANCE : travel information on Franche Comté in France

Franche Comte travel guide : franche conte trip, tourism and holidays

Franche Comte is situated at the border of Switzerland.

Franche Comte is full of beautiful landscapes and pine forests…

The capital of Franche Comte is Besançon