AROUND MOUNT SAINT MICHAEL, FRANCE : What to see around the Mont SaintMichel in France (Normandy)

The Mount Saint Michael, France travel guide

Mount Saint Michael is a jewel of architecture and one of the most impressive sights of the World, situated in Normandy

Mount Saint Michael is surrounded by the sandy bay of Mont Saint Michel. There are beaches all around were the view is great. It is possible to do an unforgettable horse ride around the Mount Saint Michel

The bay of the Mount Saint Michael can be visited by walk, but it is quite hazardous because the tide is very fast (the sea is said to sweep at the speed of a galloping horse!) and there are some quick sands in some areas. So it is strongly recommended to go walking on the bay only with a guide

There are many places to see a few kilometers around the Mount Saint Michael : Avranches city, Saint Malo town, Cancale town…