ALSACE, FRANCE : travel information on Alsace

Alsace travel guide : Alsace trip, tourism and holidays

Alsace is the easternmost region of France, situated at the border of Germany.

Alsace was German in times past , so Alsace people speak a unique dialect close to German and french (but you can speak french in Alsace, everybody will understand you). Also, Alsace is like a small part of Germany in France.

Alsace is renowned for :

Alsace architecture : alsace houses were made of clay and straw, and they often have wooden decorated balconies

Alsace gastronomy : sauerkraut (« la choucroute »), delicious fruity Alsace white wines (Riesling, Gewurtraminer…), the tasty Munster cheese…

Alsace landscapes and tracks : the most famous trail is the wine route of Alsace (« La route des vins d’Alsace »), passing through beautiful small towns and monuments (ruins, churches…) and wonderful landscapes (vineyards, forests…) on approximatively 150 kilometers

Alsace white storks are the symbol of the Alsace region